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Q: How are complimentary or alternative health care options different that traditional health care? Are there any similarities? What are the risks of alternative and traditional health care?
A: n general, alternative medicine is considered conservative and leaves more traditional treatment options open. Traditional medicine, also known as allopathic or Western medicine, is more drug and surgery oriented. [ Both allopathic and alternative treatments are valid options and are often complementary. In general, alternative medicine has focused on a systems approach. What this means is that
the doctor or physician tends to look at the whole person when making treatment judgments. They take great pains to figure out how one symptom or body system effects another. Actually, this kind of medicine is really the more traditional form of health care, because it is older. It is usually based on Chinese medicine and the Meridian System. Some of the disciplines of alternative health care are massage, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, Touch for Health, Neuro-Emotional Techniques? (NET?), homeopathy, diet, and herbal medicine. This type of medicine is a medicine of health and focuses on maintaining that health before it reaches the point of dysfunction. Allopathic healthcare is often focused on the individual symptom. On the whole, allopathic healthcare focuses on dysfunction. Often the forms of treatment are technologically based and/or invasive such as surgery or drugs. This certainly does not imply that this kind of medicine is not effective. It is often highly effective, especially for emergency or critical situations. Unfortunately, because Western healthcare is often symptom based, one system might well be helped at the expense of another system. One of the more recent trends of healthcare today is the complementary use of both traditional and alternative healthcare. The challenge is often to decide when one form of medical expertise should be used over another one. If someone is in a life threatening accident the traditional approach is often used first and then alternative healthcare is applied in the roll of vitamins, herbs, diet, etc. The blend of these two disciplines should make healthcare much more effective in the coming years. ]
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Asked 7/14/2012 9:27:06 PM
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