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How often can an employee be absent from work and still be considered a good employee (not including paid time off
Excessive absenteeism is a term that describes an employee who is away from work too much. This can include actual absences, such as unauthorized personal days or an excessive number of sick days. [ It can also include repeated tardiness, frequent long lunches or recurring early departures. The amount of absence considered excessive varies by company, and most large corporations have formal
policies that define what they consider to be excessive. Excessive absenteeism can have a severe impact on the job performed by the employee concerned, on his department and on the company as a whole. There are no absolute guidelines defining the number of days, hours or absences that create an excessive absenteeism situation. Each company generally sets its own rules in regard to absences. Some companies may quantify a specific number of days or absences that are considered excessive, while others may create less definitive rules. For example, one company could state that 30 days per year is excessive, while another might define excessive as a quantity of absences that significantly affects an employee's job function. ]
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Asked 7/14/2013 1:02:00 PM
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Weegy: Speak to your manager and advise that you won't be able to complete the work in the 1 hour as due to the safety procedures, it'll take around 2 hours. [ Then finish with a "what would you like me to do?" You have not refused to do anything at this point, but now the decision is with your boss and not yourself. If your manager tells you to ignore safety rules, then he is opening himself up to being liable should anything happen to your by following his course of action. If you just decide to "skip" some safety items and then get hurt, your manager will just say "he should know to follow safety procedures, he's been trained" By raising the question, you provide additional information you your boss, allowing him to either get someone to help you, extend your working hours (ie pay you overtime) or simply to not bother with the task till th next day. Key thing is speak to your boss! Make him make the decision and not you. ] (More)
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