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Q: list the advantages of the 1963 republican constitution of nigeria
A: Nigeria has had a series of constitutions. [ The current constitution was enacted on 29 May 1999, inaugurating the Nigerian Fourth Republic.They are: the early years or the classical phase; the later years or neo-classi- cal or human relations phase; and, the years of maturity and full development or the systems phase. It assumes also that political and constitutional experience and
developments, though con- nected in several ways, are distinct and so can be isolated. Furthermore, it suggests, as Elias (1967), Aguda (1985) and others explained, that political and constitutional experience and developments in Nigeria took a modern and new departure from 1951. For Elias, the Nigerian Constitution of 1951 was "an epoch-making Constitution." In spite of her chequered experience, Nigeria has made considerable progress in political and constitutional development since her independence in 1960. Some aspects of this development will be discussed briefly here. CONSTITUTION-MAKING PROCESS Independent Nigeria has so far experimented with five constitutions, the 1960, 1963, 1979, 1989 and 1999 constitutions. (The 1989 Constitution was not promulgated). The 1999 Constitution has given birth to the Fourth Republic, though with prob- lems for which it faces demands for a revision or amendment. The first two of these constitutions were drawn up during civilian regimes while the last three were made or promulgated during military regimes. Some of the lessons learned by Nigerians dur- ing these exercises are enduring. ]
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Asked 5/21/2013 1:05:11 PM
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