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Q: What effects do cellular respiration and photosynthesis have on global warming?
A: he process of Photosynthesis takes the waste product of Cellular Respiration, CO2, and uses it to make energy, while Cellular Respiration uses the waste product of Photosynthesis, O2, and uses it to make energy. [ This relationship is good and beneficial to both parties, until this balance is interrupted. Human action such as deforestation have caused this relationship to deteriorate. When
humans cut down and destroy plants, they are destroying the avenue to get rid of CO2 gases because while plants use CO2 they can only use so much at a time and when this extent is reached this causes an excess in the Earth's atmosphere. This excess places CO2, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere which contributes to Global Warming. Cellular Respiration is one of the avenues which adds CO2 into the atmosphere because it gives off CO2 as a waste product. It appears that as long as the population of animals increases and deforestation occurs Global Warming is almost to become an inevitable fate of planet Earth if not dealt with properly. ]
Asked 5/4/2012 11:20:49 PM
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