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Q: In crime scene dynamics describe one alternative approach in detail and explain the kind of investigation in which this approach can be of the most benefit,and include the concept of Policing by
A: Managing crime and deliquency This text reconsiders the concept of crime, [ doing so in the context of the period to 2020 and the global operating environment There are four sections to the text. The first of these tries to tease apart the sources of the relativism which has built up around the issue of what constitutes a crime. The second takes a subset of this - the concerns around
which conventional ideas of civil crime have revolved - tries to assess the scale and cost of this for of criminality. The third section takes a broad view of crime management techniques and goals. The closing section asks what be 'done about' crime. . It offers some projections. In summary: crimes are committed by a small cadre whose behaviour is highly responsive to a number of framing circumstances. Crime management consists of tracking and managing these. A much small cadre of capable criminals may, however, create an infrastructure which greatly predisposes the delinquent group to crime: providing drugs or an outlet for the products of car crime, for example. Disabling this infrastructure, or removing the causative agents from the scene, may have a disproportionate affect upon the levels of crime An additional and very important variable is the attitudes held by the population to the law and to its prosecution. Where legal structures are arcane or arbitrary, corrupt or overly-favourable to elites - or where social change has moved the 'comfort zone' of society far from where it was when laws were enacted - then institutions will come into disrepute. Populations may feel alienated and disaffected. They may regard those who police them as the agents of the enemy. Inappropriate regulation - for example - makes civil servants a hostile force, affords opportunities for corruption and brings the law into disrepute. Where implementation of the law is weak - where there are 'no go' areas, for example - then crime tends to proliferate. Where, by contrast, the law is rigorous and no barriers are tolerated, crime is suppressed. ]
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