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Solve the equation for x. 3x = –4y User: evaluate the expression when p=-24 and q=4 . p/2q User: Round the number to the hundredths place. 12,863.14846
Weegy: 12,863.14846 rounded to the nearest hundredths place is 12,863.15 User: Find the value of x that makes the equation true. 9x = –54 Weegy: 9x = -54; x = -54/9; x = -6 User: Find the mean of this set of numbers. 5, –11, 7, 12, –1, 0 Weegy: To find the mean of 5, -11, 7, 12, -1, 0 is 2. User: Identify which property of equality is used to transform Equation 1 to Equation 2. Equation 1: 3x = 12 Equation 2: x = 4 (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 1/17/2013 9:32:22 AM
0 Answers/Comments
In which kingdoms are all organisms multicellular? A. Animalia and Fungi B. Animalia and Plantae C. Protista and Fungi D. Protista and Plantae User: What happens to cells in multicellular organisms as they continue to divide and increase in size? A. They become more alike. B. They break down. C. They differentiate. D. They develop extra parts
Weegy: Advantage of multicellular organism is that they differentiate. So the answer is option C. They differentiate. User: Which one is an advantage of a multicellular organism? A. Specialized cells perform specific functions. B. Smaller cells operate more efficiently. C. Different types of cells do not need to communicate. D. The cells are simpler. (More)
Not Answered
Updated 204 days ago|2/4/2016 12:51:42 PM
2 Answers/Comments
In Animalia and Plantae kingdoms all organisms are multicellular.
Added 204 days ago|2/4/2016 12:51:16 PM
Specialized cells perform specific functions is an advantage of a multicellular organism.
Added 204 days ago|2/4/2016 12:51:40 PM
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