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Q: describe how to adapt the style of communication to meet the needs srengths and abilities of an individual with dementika
A: People who suffer with dementia are individuals, with individual needs and wants. Furthermore, the disease progression associated with dementia occurs at different rates for different people. [ The staff, and family caregivers must be flexible with their communication techniques, adapting their strategies to reflect each persons changing cognitive levels and needs. In order to improve
communication with persons who have dementia, staff and family caregivers must become creative listeners, studying both verbal and nonverbal communications Staff and family caregivers must be creative, and adapt communication strategies to meet each persons unique needs Persons with dementia will often communicate to family and staff through their behaviors and expressions of emotion. Self expression is vital to a person well being. Make every effort to show interest in what the person with dementia is communicating or attempting to communicate Never interrupt a person who has dementia when he or she is trying to communicate an idea because this distraction may cause them to lose their train of thought. It may be helpful to supply a word that the person with dementia is struggling to find Eye contact and touch are excellent methods to let person know their thoughts are being heard. Never contradict or argue with a person with dementia because this may lead to a catastrophic reaction such as yelling, crying or striking out. Staff must be sensitive to the limited understand and comprehension of the person Look a the emotional meanings and subtexts behind statements made by person with dementia. As an example, persons waiting for their mothers are most likely feeling lonely, insecure and fearful. ]
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Asked 3/4/2013 4:24:26 PM
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